Spring  has come to Wisconsin Zone 4-5 and Arlena will share what is  Trending in the Garden on  WEAU TV 13 Today with Hello Wisconsin Tuesday   Morning    4-12-16  at 6:30 am  CST .
We will be doing a Face Book Live Streaming at the same time so log onto Arlena's Face Book Page to watch all the behind the scenes of the spot . Click photo below to be directed there .



I will be discussing the Top 5 Trends of Gardening

1. Succulents 


2. Edibles in the Landscape

3.  Miniature and Fairy Gardening
4.  Terrariums
5.  Canning and Preserving




Year Round Garden Fun

Gardening all year round here in Wisconsin Zone 4-5 even with 2 feet of snow on the ground .  We are growing treats for our Chickens and they are responding with some delicious eggs all winter .
this is a fun and easy way to garden all season and provide a healthy snack for your girls .

This is a very easy process . We used Wheat Seed all natural , non treated. You can purchase wheat seed from a feed store or online .
First ,  Soak your seed in water over night .
On the second day drain off the water and let the seed sit in a jar or container and rinse twice a day. The seeds will begin to sprout in just a few days .
I then spread the seeds out in a pan of some sort or a wash tub with holes poked in it for drainage .
Rinse the seeds in the pan every day twice a day and they will begin to turn green .
Now you can take a piece off of your wheat grass and add it to your chickens diet . They will love you with a hearty Cluck Cluck .




Miniature and Fairy Garden Magic

Miniature Gardening has become one of the top gardening trends in the country.
Arlena Schott of Garden Wise Living has been leading Miniature and Fairy Garden Workshops across the country at Independent Garden Centers for years and feels this trend will continue to grow as yet one more way to get our youth excited about gardening.

Arlena started a Group, 3 years ago, on face Book Called Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat and the group continues to grow to over 5000 members.

So popular is the Miniature and Fairy Garden Craze that the Group has now formed a Miniature and Fairy Garden Society and are planning a their secon annual Conference with Workshops ,seminars and Vendors for this coming July in Perrysburg Ohio 2016 .
This years event will be held at The 511 Foundation in Perrysburg Ohio July 22 23 and 24th 2016.


 For more information you can follow the planning on Face Book Page Miniature Fairy Garden Society or Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat or contact Arlena Directly.

Arlena also loves to do group Miniature and Fairy Garden Workshops and Birthday Parties.
Contact her direct


Face book  Arlena Schott , or Garden Wise Living
Face Book Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat
Face Book  Miniature Fairy Garden Society

Twitter @greenblessings


Come and Join the Fun on Face Book . We have a group that is amazing "The Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat " on Face Book !    https://www.facebook.com/groups/223864147683828/






Chicken Keeping   #chickenchat
Having a small home flock has become very popular.

My family and I have had chickens all my life and we love the whole process of keeping chickens, hatching the eggs, raising the chicks, feeding  the hens and collecting the eggs is all a very big part of what makes chicken keeping a fun and easy way to add a little country to your back yard.

Not to mention the fresh eggs and meat that they may provide you and your family.

A small coop can easily house 3 or 4 hens and provide enough fresh eggs for a family of 4 with very little effort and cost.

First decide how many eggs you would like to have every day and that would determine how many hens you should have. There is no need to have a rooster if your housing authority will not allow one.
Hens will lay with out a rooster I just find that a rooster is colorful as well as fun to hear around the farm every morning.


Coops can be colorful as well as fun and make a beautiful addition to any garden spot.  #COOPVISITS

Choose a spot that has ample sun as well as shade depending on the zone you live in.

 I am always sure to face my coop to the south for the winter sun and I am also sure that they have a shade tree to escape those hot days as well.

I live in the North Country and I always add a light to my coop for the winter months to insure egg production and be sure they have ample food and fresh water daily. There are days when I will add a few flakes of Alfalfa Hay to the coop so my girls have something fun to scratch in for a little treat.

I feed my chickens cracked corn and a bit of egg layer as well as scraps and fresh greens in the winter.

Chickens can be so very rewarding so if you have thought of having chickens,  please give it a try you will love it!


I found this DIY Chicken Tractor from good friends at homesteading Board . this is a perfect way to upcycle an older swing set frame for a nice Chicken Tractor or add a small Coop and some shade and your set with an inexspensive as well as usable COOP.


Annie Haven and Barrely Living Part One

Annie Haven and Barrely Living Part Two

 Whats Playing on Garden Wise Living with Arlena TV?

I have chosen to start to upload some of my my TV series Episodes here because of all the requests from Viewers who are unable to acess my TV Series through the many Cable Channels Garden Wise Living with Arlena TV airs on.

Part 1:

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