FALL FUN with Succulents here at  Garden Wise Living

With Farmers Markets winding down for the season  ,we wander through the markets and marvel at the deliciouse vegetables and Artisian Crafts that are abundant this time of year. We ran across this Summer Corn Chowder from food52 and just had to share it . We found the post on the Wisconsin Farmers Market Association on FB . 
Here you can find the cooking instructions .





Miniature Gardening has become one of the top gardening trends in the country.
Arlena Schott of Garden Wise Living has been leading Miniature and Fairy Garden Workshops across the country at Independent Garden Centers for years and feels this trend will continue to grow as yet one more way to get our youth excited about gardening.

Arlena started a Group, 3 years ago, on face Book Called Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat and the group continues to grow to over 4000 members. So popular is the Miniature and Fairy Garden Craze that the Group has now formed a Miniature and Fairy Garden Society and are planning a Conference with Workshops ,seminars and Vendors for this coming June in Champagne ILL.
The event will coincide with the Illinois Master Gardeners Garden Walk. For more information you can follow the planning on Face Book Page Miniature Fairy Garden Society or Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat or contact Arlena Directly.

Arlena also loves to do group Miniature and Fairy Garden Workshops and Birthday Parties.
Contact her direct



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Face Book  Miniature Fairy Garden Society

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The Excitement is Brewing and the Magic awaits you as  Garden and Lifestyle Expert Arlena Schott of Garden Wise Living TV along with landscaping designers Atrium Landscape share the magic of Miniature and Fairy Gardens amongst the hundreds of Miniature Roses provide by For Love of Rose.  The three blend their passions to create magic in the First Miniature Rose Fairy Garden at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in March.

Arlena will be creating Miniature Fairy Garden Villages amongst the Roses that are provided by For Love of Roses . The Villages will be created with  products supplied by the top Miniature Fairy Garden Manufactorers in the country .
Jeremie Corp , Wholesale Fairy Gardens and GerorgeTown.


CONTEST As we spead through Fall and Halloween here at Garden Wise Living our friends on the Face Book Page "Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat "Have been busy creating gardens with a little seasonal flair. Here we have the winners from the Fall and Halloween Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat Group contest on Face Book. All the prizes for these contests were provided by our friends at Jeremie Corp. #miniaturegarden #fairygarden #indoorgardening





MAY on the road with Arlena Schott

Come and Join the Fun on Face Book . We have a group that is amazing "The Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat " on Face Book !    https://www.facebook.com/groups/223864147683828/



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Chicken Keeping
Having a small home flock has become very popular.

My family and I have had chickens all my life and we love the whole process of keeping chickens, hatching the eggs, raising the chicks, feeding  the hens and collecting the eggs is all a very big part of what makes chicken keeping a fun and easy way to add a little country to your back yard.

Not to mention the fresh eggs and meat that they may provide you and your family.

A small coop can easily house 3 or 4 hens and provide enough fresh eggs for a family of 4 with very little effort and cost.

First decide how many eggs you would like to have every day and that would determine how many hens you should have. There is no need to have a rooster if your housing authority will not allow one.
Hens will lay with out a rooster I just find that a rooster is colorful as well as fun to hear around the farm every morning.


Coops can be colorful as well as fun and make a beautiful addition to any garden spot.               
Choose a spot that has ample sun as well as shade depending on the zone you live in.

 I am always sure to face my coop to the south for the winter sun and I am also sure that they have a shade tree to escape those hot days as well.

I live in the North Country and I always add a light to my coop for the winter months to insure egg production and be sure they have ample food and fresh water daily. There are days when I will add a few flakes of Alfalfa Hay to the coop so my girls have something fun to scratch in for a little treat.

I feed my chickens cracked corn and a bit of egg layer as well as scraps and fresh greens in the winter.

Chickens can be so very rewarding so if you have thought of having chickens,  please give it a try you will love it!

I found this DIY Chicken Tractor from good friends at homesteading Board . this is a perfect way to upcycle an older swing set frame for a nice Chicken Tractor or add a small Coop and some shade and your set with an inexspensive as well as usable COOP!


We are on the road again for 2014

Arlena will be appearing again at many destinations to be annonced ,sharring her love for gardening .

Chicago Flower and Garden Show MARCH 22 ,2014 

Planting Miniature Gardens with Edibles.

4pm in the Seminar Rooms and 5PM on the Live Stage





We are canning Sweet Pepper Relish

I have been busy getting the garden put to bed here in Wisconsin Zone 4-5 after two really hard freezes.

I have a few buckets of beautiful peppers to make sweet pepper relish with .

This is the same recipe my Grandmother Nonie would use . It is amazing poured over a chicken and then baked .

Sweet Pepper Relish


30 peppers any color any variety.
3 lg. White onions
1 qt. apple cider vinegar
2 c. sugar
3 Tbsp. salt
1 cup brown sugar
4 Tbsp. molasses











Remove seeds from peppers and cut into halves. Place them into your food processor or chop very fine . Do the same with the onions,

Combine all ingredients into an large pot and simmer until thick . This is were I may begin to taste and tweak it a bit .


I usually double or triple my recipe and let it simmer all night. It will resemble barbeque sauce when finished.

I sometimes freeze it in Ziplocs but this season I have caned it in my Ball Canning Jars.

Try this poured over the top of chicken and then baked you will love it and add it to your have to do list every year.


Garden Wise Livings Arlena Schott Co Hosts the BlogTalk radio Show "BackYard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer"

Today’s topic is "BackYard Vineyards" July 17th 2013 at 11 CST
Our special guest today is Lynita from Elmaro Vineyards Joins us and gives us some wonderful information on putting in a
nd caring for a backyard Vineyard.

 Log in with the link below.


Photo from Elmaro Vineyards  http://www.elmarovineyard.com/   

 Trempealeau WI 608-534-6456


Annie Haven and Barrely Living Part One

Annie Haven and Barrely Living Part Two

We have been very busy this past winter planning  on the 2013 Magical Miniature and
?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /-->Fairy Garden Workshop Tour with Jeremie Miniatures.

Recently I returned from a tour to Georgia, Texas and Louisiana.

If you would like to see where we are going next on the tour ,
take a peek at the
Miniature Garden Tour Page at the bottom left or the link below and maybe

We will see you on the road!                                http://www.gardenwisetv.com/page53

 Whats Playing on Garden Wise Living with Arlena TV?

I have chosen to start to upload my TV series Episodes here because of all the requests from Viewers who are unable to acess my TV Series through the many Cable Channels Garden Wise Living with Arlena TV airs on.

Part 1:

Part 2:




Fall and Winter are a wonderful time to sample some of Wisconsin’s finest Wines.
These are from a small winery  called Sugar Creek Winery they are in Viroqua WI.










Join us for some fun Chicken Chat on Face Book in
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You can also catch Arlena Schott hosting "The back Yard poultry with the Chicken Whisperer" Blog Talk Radio Show on the first and thierd Wednesdays of the Month.

If you would like Arlena to speak at your next event or lead a workshop please contact Arlena Schott 715-985-3963  tailormd@triwest.net













































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